How To Accentuate Your Eyes Through Make Up

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People like to say, “The eyes have it,” so accentuating your eyes through make up is a wonderful way to draw attention to such an expressive feature. Whether your eyes are blue, green, or brown, there are several ways to highlight them.

Blue Eyes

To make blue eyes pop against light colored hair, you should stick to neutral shades of eye shadow, such as taupe, gold, and pale pinks. Ladies with darker hair may enjoy using deep pinks, like fuchsia, and bronze. Because blue eyes reflect the most light, you should also highlight both corners of your eyes with white or ivory shades to make them pop.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyed women should focus their make up Princeton NJ on deep shades to accentuate the dark tones in their eyes. Black liquid eyeliner with pale shimmery eyeshadows will bring out the bronze color tone in brown eyes and brighten your entire face overall.

Green or Hazel Eyes

Due to the genetic combinations that make green or hazel eyes, they appear in a wide variety of color shades. In general, gold and brown eyeshadow combinations will make your green orbs pop against your face. Many women with green eyes have also been known to highlight their eyelids with purple shades and liner. Purple is a contrasting color for green, so it makes eyes look especially emerald.

All Eye Colors

For any eye color, the best way to accentuate your eyes is to find a look that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Experiment with different eyeshadow shades, eyeliner shapes, and even lip color. Professional make up artists are happy to help recommend products for you to use too.

Making your eyes stand out is a fun way to dress up for a date, feel confident during a job interview, or enjoy your casual every day look.