3 Ways to Optimize a Dry Cleaning Business

General Article

Running a successful dry cleaning business requires managing customer information, employee productivity, pieces and point-of-sale transactions. Technological innovations such as a dedicated dry cleaning POS make it possible to automate more operational tasks and make sure business owners, employees and customers can access the information they need. Here are three ways to make a dry cleaning operation run more smoothly.

1. Streamline Counter Operations

Information about dry cleaning orders typically originates at the counter. Whether customers walk in or arrange for pickup, pieces are marked in and may be tagged with barcodes. It is also helpful to have a system for keeping track of customer information.

The systems a dry cleaning business uses to determine how easy it is to track pieces during the cleaning process through pick-up or delivery. The best systems make it easy to monitor every stage of cleaning and integrate assembly, piece management and dry cleaning POS solutions.

2. Upgrade Management Systems

Upgrading piece tracking systems facilitates tracking to reduce delays and loss. Improving an assembly management system has the potential to transform how a dry cleaning business operates.

Assembly and piece manager systems are compatible with a specialized point-of-sale system designed for the dry cleaning industry. Get equipment and software to optimize every aspect of a business.

3. Implement Controls

The top dry cleaners are trusted by customers. Having controls in place prevents damage and minimizes loss. Employee monitoring and security solutions keep track of money and inventory. Billing information is encrypted and secured and audit trails are automatically generated to prevent theft.

These measures make it easier for a dry cleaning service to keep track of garments and information. An assembly system, piece manager, route manager and POS system can work together to help operations meet customer expectations for good service with a timely turnaround.